The near-infrared spectroscopy technology, or NIR, is a precise analysis tool which is employed by Pegasus Science. NIR emits electromagnetic radiation in the infra-red region. The energy absorption results from the organic compounds which are present in the sample, and may be used to obtain a direct or indirect estimation of the concentration of a substance.

The technic comprehends the integration of a database (hundreds of samples that reflect the reality in the field) attained through traditional methodologies and the spectral evaluations. This information is subjected to chemometric methods, and the prediction equations are then produced.

Advantages of the analysis via NIR:

  • No need for reagents, pipetting or extractions: operationality
  • Solely requires sample grinding and spectrum reading: simplicity
  • 24h online system, 7 days a week: availability
  • Fast analysis: promptness
  • Results interpretation: intelligence
  • Conservation of the sample integrity: reproducibility and repeatability
  • Several analyses performed with one reading: productivity
  • Advanced technology: trustworthiness
  • Employs clean technologies: sustainability

Pegasus Science’s prediction equations are developed using Liquid Chromatography Coupled to Tandem Mass Spectrometry as a reference; this method is in compliance with ISO 17.025 and accredited by official organizations. Predictions via NIR are currently available for the most prevalent mycotoxins in the main ingredients of animal and human nutrition:

Micotoxins via NIR ENG